The Chill Runs Deep

Today I awoke to a serious chill in the air. Even after the sun was up the air felt cold, damp and smelled of fall.

I am never thrilled with the end of summer and this year it was as if there was no summertime at all. No sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore.  No standing in long lines at Six Flags.  No long car rides in anticipation of adventure and loved ones waiting for our arrival.

Instead, there was hours and hours of packing and boxes and unpacking. Fixing and fixing again.  Giving up and giving away large chunks of our identity to seek a new life in a place that seems so foreign and strange.

I have been told that people here are among the friendliest in the world. I wish that would be my experience. So far, though, I am finding myself on the outside looking in.  Image


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